About The Riverine

The Riverine is a lifestyle development established by the Zamara Fanaka Retirement Fund (ZFRF). The development is a real estate investment project for the Fund, with a gated community of 151 fully detached 4-bedroom own-compound townhouses and 60 apartments (48 three-bedroom units and 12 two-bedroom units).

The development also has a nursery school and a shopping mall. The Riverine has been designed to cater for all features of a family including a clubhouse with a swimming pool, football fields, and basketball courts, and several playgrounds.

Zamara Fanaka Retirement Fund

The Zamara Fanaka Retirement Fund (‘ZFRF’ OR ‘The Fund’) is a multi-employer umbrella fund in which several organizations participate. The organizations contribute to The Fund with an intention to provide optimal retirement and other benefits to their members of staff once they exit employment.

The ZFRF is registered by the Retirement Benefits Authority (‘RBA’) and is approved by the Kenya Revenue Authority (‘KRA’). Therefore, organizations joining the Fund do not have to incur additional costs in setting up and statutory approvals.

Our Vision

To be the leading retirement fund that delivers sustainable benefits for our members by nurturing the Fund with Excellence and Integrity.

Our Mission

To ensure sustainable growth of the Zamara Fanaka Retirement Fund by efficient investment and management of members’ funds whilst empowering members through transparency and communication.

Trustees of The Fund
Lucy Kambuni
Board of Trustees
James Olubayi
John Okondo
Jane Mbati
Fred Gituku
Anthony Kilavi
Chris Nyokangi
Angela Okinda
Head of Fund and
Trust Secretary

The role of the Board of Trustees is to ensure that:

  • The Fund is professionally managed;
  • The Fund meets its fiduciary obligations to the members;
  • The Trustees act in the best interests of all the Fund members, including pensioners and deferred members;
  • The Fund and its members comply with all relevant laws and further, that all members of the professional support caste have fulfilled their contractual obligations.

This is an onerous responsibility, which requires considerable commitment and integrity.

The Trustees of the Fund receive monthly contributions from the Participating Employers and invest these monies prudently to earn optimal returns for the members.

The Zamara Fanaka Retirement Fund is the largest multi-employer retirement fund in East and Central Africa.

We are ZAMARA!

Since August 2017, we have a new brand identity Zamara! Zamara embodies our true vision and purpose,
to power the prosperity of all our partners, corporates and individual members alike. Zamara has a twenty three year old legacy of being a driving force in the financial services and insurances sector in East, Central, West and Southern Africa. Providing you with cutting edge innovative solutions, our team of experts works to ensure delivery of world-class standards across all that we do!

As your partner, we are

Simple and we provide simple and innovative solutions. Empathetic as we care about your goals and your plans to achieve those goals. Trustworthy and transparent and you can depend on us to deliver every time.